Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Appearances

I said I wasn't going to do any shows in December to give myself time to recover from my tonsillectomy and work on some new material. That was after I had forgotten a commitment to one show and before I was offered another too fun to pass up... and then was coerced into staying at my day job through the end of the December (aka the busiest, most stressful time of year.) D'oh. Never fear, friends and fans! I will DO ALL THE THINGS! Right after I DRINK ALL THE COFFEE!

So where can you see me this month? First at Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club's Winter Solstice Edition 12/18/13 at Davey's Uptown. If you've never been to Amy Farrand's Weirdo Wednesday, you have been missing out. It's cheap, early, and absolutely the most entertainment you can pack into a weeknight and still get a good night's sleep. This time around, I get to play with one of my dearest burly-babe/aerialist/drunky-funtime friends, Violet Vendetta, along with some of my favoritest musicians/weirdos in town.

Then I'll be guest emcee for Panties Inferno's Unwrapped After Christmas Show at Hamburger Mary's Kansas City on Friday, 12/27/13. That's right, darling ones, I'm working on my birthday to give you the gift of my presence. Or something like that. No, you won't see my boobs at this show. But  I'll sing you a song or two and there will be games and silliness and you should come because it's my birthday and you like me. Also, it's free. So it has that going for it. Oh, and you'll see some of these boobs:

Happy Holidays, beloveds. Whichever ones you celebrate. Check back soon for January appearances, including a very special Doctor themed show at Ahn!Con and the Twin Cities' first ever exposure to my (fraternal) twin titties at Diversi-Tease 2014!

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