Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oops. I blinked and missed February.

Screw it. March forth! But first a quick rewind to the beginning of March, so I can tell you what a fantastic time I had as a special guest of TwoLips Burlesk at "Re-Titillate the 918!" The Tulsa Little Theatre was packed to the rafters with enthusiastic fans and the show was a delight. If you find yourself in Tulsa, check them out!

Photo courtesy of Brandy Barham, Brandy Lynne Photography

I have two shows booked this weekend, then no other performances in March (unless someone swoops in with a late booking...) so shake off that last winter storm and come on out. You can catch me Friday 3/7/14 at Slap-n-Tickle's annual Erotica Art Show, which is having a special second opening due to the especially crappy weather last month. Then Saturday 3/8/14, I'll be performing in Carnival: A Mardi Gras Extravaganza at Social Bar. Amusing (to me) tangent: I didn't realize until I showed up for rehearsal the other night that Social Bar, although it no longer resembles it at all in the public area, is the same bar that I very first tended way back when it was Benders. So it's a homecoming of sorts. Only back then, the "stage" was some wood thrown over the pool tables, and I only flashed my boobs when I was drunk. This will be way better.

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